You may have been wondering about the face on the banner. This is the clown Eim Notshur Yett. I developed this character when I was first exposed to Christian clowning at First Baptist Church, Louisiana, Missouri. I was attending a clowning class at the church in preparation for a youth mission trip, learning to apply make-up and the general rules for clowning. One thing we were told as we applied our make-up and thought about clown ministry was that we should come up with a good “clown name” for ourselves.

The pastor’s wife who taught the session has put in many hours as “Sadly, the Clown.” One of the teens going through the training was clever, “My name is Bob. B-O-B, Bob. It’s the same forward as it is backward.” Then all attention was turned on me as I was putting the finishing touches on my face. I stumbled into the response, “Uh . . . I’m not sure, yet.” And it stuck.

Since that time, whenever I don the face paint I become Eim Notshur Yett, the clown who can’t be sure about anything. But you can be sure of your future. In Eim Notshur’s words, “Trust Jesus and you can be sure He will be with you.”


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