In 2013, Thom Rainer (President and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources) released a little book to help churches called I Am a Church Member in which he suggested 6 pledges members could make that would help them and their church to grow. I think that perhaps an appropriate substitute title for the book might be I Am a Disciple of Christ; after all, one would hope that if someone were a member of a church they would first of all be a follower (or disciple) of Christ.

This poses for us the question: just what is a disciple of Christ? A disciple, by definition is a person who follows (as closely as possible) the teachings of a particular leader. Often these followers take on not only the characteristics of the leader, but adopt their name as a label as well. Thus, followers of Christ who are truly disciples have through the ages been known as Christians.

So, what do Disciples look like today? They are committed to Christ-likeness: caring for the poor and needy, loving toward those who may be different from themselves, encouraging in their interaction with other Christ-followers, practicers of integrity at home and in public, and (probably most of all) forgiving of others when wrong has been perpetrated.

If you want to become a better church member, read Rainer’s book and apply the principles encased in the pledge. If you want to be a better Christian, read the Scripture and follow the example given by the Savior.

“And in Antioch the disciples were first called Christians.”  —Acts 11:26b