Revival. There is a word that is used in a variety of ways today. It is most often heard in church circles, and we take it to mean the extended meetings the church holds for about a week leaning heavily toward evangelism. That’s what we are advertising for this week—Spring Revival. In this case the meetings will consist of five services (Sunday morning and evening, then each evening Monday through Wednesday). But at its core, the word “revival” really means a “bringing back to life,” or “coming back to life.”

With this in mind, our special event will be geared toward a couple of ends: renewal of commitment for believers, and reaching out to others with the message of life found in Jesus Christ. Our theme this week is “I Know the Answer” and so we want to focus this week on making sure that everyone at least has the opportunity to find the answer in Jesus Christ. I personally would like to see the revival begin in the hearts and lives of those who already know the answer. My prayer is that my own tired heart will be revived with a renewed passion for Christ. And as a result of the renewed vigor for the answer in Jesus, we want to focus on sharing that answer with people who have not met Jesus yet.

This revival; this coming back to life will then be seen in the renewal of Christians and the re-birth of others who will now have life in Christ. “Lord, send a revival; Lord, send a revival; Lord, send a revival; and let it begin in me.” (Hymn by B.B. McKinney, 1927)

You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”  —Jesus, recorded in John 8:32