(And keeps on going . . . And tells)

Life is hectic. Time ticks away as we rush from here to there trying to do everything. What we were unable to accomplish in previous years, we often shovel off onto our children, and so the next generation gets to try to live out not only their own dreams but the dreams of the parents and grandparents that have been passed down over the years. The motivation seems to be, “ I have come to terms with the truth that I will not be able to personally accomplish this dream or goal, but I still want to see it done and so my child must complete the task whether he’s able to or not, whether she wants to or not.

And life becomes a circular series of shenanigans that we perform to try to pull off those dreams.

My point? We are a people on the go! So, what are we to do with all of this going. Let me propose that, since we are going—possibly reaching for an impossible dream, we should be busy as we go. Since we are going to go anyway, why don’t we as Christians carry with us the message that will accomplish more in a moment than our dervish-like spinning will in a mountain of lifetimes? For the individual Christ-follower, this is the heart of the Great Commission: As you are going (because you are going) share what you know about Christ. Let it be our practice. Then we will grow as we go.

  “So the man went away and began to tell in the Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him. And all the people were amazed.”  – Mark 5:20)