Here’s a hymn that we have traditionally cordoned off to Thanksgiving, but read it again:


We gather together to ask the lord’s blessing,

He chastens and hastens his will to make known;

The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing,

Sing praises to his name, he forgets not his own.

                                                                     (Anonymous Dutch Hymn)


The gathering together is the church at her best. Gathering for the blessing from God. Gathering for guidance. Gathering for repentance. And gathering for praise. Sounds like church to me. And church can be the height and glory of the family.

When families come together (or gather) with the family of God, we become the ultimate of what family can be. We like to assume that the family of faith is the extension of the family of home, but really, for Christians, the reverse is true. As we come gather for worship we see what real family is. Then we as a family of people imitate that which we find at church in our homes.

For our homes to really fulfill their mission as families, the family must re-discover the importance of the gathering with fellow Christians. It is through this gathering that faith is built, bolstered, and brought out in the lives of the parents and the children of our congregation.


“By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” –Jesus (John 13:35)