There is no greater thrill for a young father than to witness the birth of his firstborn child. Most will agree that they are not nearly so concerned with the gender of the child as they desire for the new baby to be healthy. What happens in the life of that young man is nothing short of miraculous. For the first time he begins to understand love. In that split second that the baby opens his/her mouth to grasp the first breath of unfiltered air and announce their displeasure with the new events that are taking place in his/her life, the father’s heart grows ten sizes. He expects it to explode from within his chest.

Perhaps the only thing to compare with this feeling is the repetition of the event with each new child that blesses his home.

That is how Christ feels about children. They are all precious to him. Regardless of their cultural or socio-economic background; regardless of their parents’ political persuasion; regardless of their need or lack of need, children are precious.

Let us keep that in mind when we love, train, correct, and encourage these building blocks of life and family. They are our children. They are precious.

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons born in one’s youth.” (Psalm 127:4)