Relying on his knowledge of the ancient mythology of Greece, Homer treats the readers of The Odyssey to a most dangerous adventure in which the hero Odysseus leads his men through the narrow passage between a rocky cliff and a turbulent whirlpool. These sea-going dangers are named for the Greek mythological characters Scylla (turned into a whirlpool by the angry gods) and Charybdis (transformed to a multi-headed monster by jealous gods). The adventure leads us to the struggle that people have today of being between “a rock and a hard place.”

While the idiom refers to struggle, we often attach it to those times when we must choose between two equally unpleasant options or outcomes. As believers in Christ, we no longer have to settle for choosing the lesser of two evils. Even though we may find ourselves trudging through the difficulties of the day, we have the only best option when making our choices: God’s way. If we will live our lives making choices that God expects we can rest assured that we will always be exercising the best option.

“Your [God’s] kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” – Jesus, from the Model Prayer (Matthew 6:10)