The Start of Good Work

Mr. Vela was a really good boss. He would ask you to do a task—always related to your job in the store. If he knew that you had never done the job before, he would show you how to do it. If it was simply moving merchandise from one place in the store to another, he would make clear which items were to be moved, from where, and to where—he would also indicate if you needed to change the pricing on moved items.

This communication was difficult for him because English was not his first language. But he never repeated himself, and more than once he would say in his heavy accent, “I wan’ you to take dese ones over here an’ put dem over dere.” And workers would do it, willingly and correctly.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the task that God has for us because we just aren’t listening closely enough—perhaps we are even forgetting to start at the beginning of Good Work: communication with the Boss through prayer. God has a good work for us to do. Let’s listen carefully, pray diligently, and work heartily to accomplish the task.


“[P]ray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” –Jesus, to the His Disciples (Luke 10:2b)