Standing on My Knees

(Originally printed in 1/10/16 bulletin for FBC Mulberry Grove)

One can learn volumes of information in a church history class. Most of it true, some of it legend, all of it made interesting by the teacher who has a profound talent for turning dry history into exciting adventure. It was in just such a class that I learned that the prophet Elisha was sometimes called “old camel knees” because his knees were so calloused from a posture of prayer that they bulged to greater size.

Another interesting story was told of some nameless saint of a preacher who garnered criticism from some of the ladies of his congregation. One was overheard to say of the preacher’s wife, “If that was my husband I would never let him go out in public with such worn knees on his suit pants.” Little did the woman know that he had worn out the knees of his trousers from constantly being on his knees in prayer for just such as she.

If we are to make any kind of difference in this world in which we live, we must start by standing on our knees and presenting ourselves and our community before God in prayer. This is the tallest a man or woman can be—when he/she is standing on his/her knees.

“Pray that you may not enter into temptation.” –Jesus, to the His Disciples (Luke 22:40b)