What lasts? According to some companies, the warranty (“As long as you own your car!”). According to television commercials several things last: Energizer® batteries (“they keep going and going and going). I personally believe that it’s just the Bunny that keeps on going because I have had to replace their batteries any number of times.

Years ago we were entertained by a cartoonish commercial that asked, “How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll® center of a Tootsie Pop®?” Which everyone assured the boy asking, “I don’t know, I always bite.” But the owl decided to give the question a scientific test: “One, two, three . . . Three.” “The world may never know.”

So what is long-lasting? Sermons? Opera? Wal-Mart check-out lines?

I think the best answer is the never-ending love of Christ that we celebrate at Christmas. It is a love that lasts in spite of wars, a love that endures despite heartache, and a love that will accompany the believer into eternity (and abide with him there). This is Christmas: Love that never ends.