Yes, I stole the title for this post from an old spiritual, but it is appropriate to what I want to mention today. I was alerted via my Facebook news feed to this post. The article exposes just five of an overwhelming number of what well-grounded theologians would call false prophets for our day (and the number is far greater than the five representatives).

My response is not so much that we should be shouting down our spiritual noses at these misguided teachers who misrepresent Christ and the Gospel, but that we become more aware of the Gospel and the subject of the Gospel, namely the Christ.

The thing that disturbs me most is not even the number of people crowding into the arenas that play home to these personalities and the venues where they hold their festivals of tickling ears. What does disturb me most is the black cloud that is afforded the true Christian community because these teachers claim to be something that they are not–preachers of the Gospel of Christ.

I commend the article to you and pray that more and more believers will spend more time and energy supporting and serving their local New Testament church rather than these mega-movements that draw sheep away from the Good Shepherd.