World peace. The wish of peoplBeFunky_manger-cross_thumb[7].jpge all over the globe. Just listen to the question/answer portion of any beauty contest:

Q: What is your greatest desire?

A: World peace, and . . .

It is an honorable desire. It is also one that has already been achieved. Achieved because of Christmas. It is the Christ of Christmas that brings peace to this world.

The problem with most of our attempts at achieving world peace has to do with our approach. We miss the objective by trying to force it, trying to buy it, trying to bully our way into it. And the design of world peace is missed because we are also mis-defining it. World peace is not what we want it to be. Nor is it what works best for us.

World peace is best defined by the Maker of the world. And He teaches us in His Word that Peace in this world is achieved at a manger. A manger that leads to a cross. That leads to an empty tomb. And peace in our time or any other is found in Christ Jesus. The One that started life on this Earth with  a manger for His cradle, the cradle for our Faith.