When the angel visited shepherds one night long ago in they were going about their regular business—watching over the sheep to protect them and keep them safe from night-time predators. When the sky lit up with the glory of God and the angel appeared, they were scared speechless. But their fright would soon turn to the opposite on the range of the emotional spectrum—Joy.

The angel proclaimed that it was “good tidings of great joy.” We could call it unspeakable joy, a joy that leaves us speechless. And it was not just an isolated joy—just for the shepherd-witnesses that night, but for all the people. And when the angel said all the people, he was talking about all the people. In all the world. For all of time. That is unspeakable joy.

This joy is a joy beyond words and explanation. Joy rings out, not because of the warm, fuzzy feeling that the Christmas Season brings, but because of the Christ who brings the Season. This Advent, let us meditate on the Joy that is the Christ.