Wishes. This time of year people think a lot about wishes. We used to receive the JCPenney Wishbook in the mail and “shop” from page to page for the things we knew we would never get, but would wish for anyway. Our children make out their Christmas Wish List with the understanding that they may get one or two of the lengthy list of wishes.

For some people, hope is akin to wishing. Hope is something that we may or may not receive, but we can still wish for the thing to happen. But this season also teaches us something about hope.

“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” It’s a line from an old hymn that speaks volumes to me. As we enter the Advent season this year Hope comes to mind—the Hope that moves beyond the best wishes of the most optimistic person. Because of Christmas, our hope is embodied in the Incarnate God of the Universe.

That means that our Christmas wishes are wrapped up in the Hope of the World.