Before you get uptight and stop visiting the blog, rest assured that I am not about to get really political here. Even so, I understand that this is a year in which those of us who are citizens of the United States of America will elect the president who will serve for the next four years (2013-2017). I am not about to tell you for whom you should vote, it isn’t any of my business. Nor am I going to tell you the candidate who will get my ballot, that isn’t any of your business.

Yes, I do have strong opinions. And yes, I often share them with you–that’s part of what this blog is about. Jumping on someone’s campaign bandwagon is not one of my cherished ideas, though. I can tell you this much: some of you would be surprised because you think that I think just like you and would vote the same way you do as a result of that affinity. It might surprise you that your opinions don’t influence me that much.

Others of you think you know my leanings because of my background–family, region, religion, etc.–and would discover that I’m either just like you thought or not at all. One request on this end: don’t put words in my mouth, it’s unsanitary, and I like to speak for myself.

At any rate, I think that voting is an important privilege for US citizens of voting age. Because of this, I take the task seriously. I pray about the candidates and what they say or promise. I ask for guidance. And I read, listen and look for as much information I can to help me make an informed choice. I would like to encourage you to do the same. To that end, I have stumbled on a series of articles posted by my friend Marty Duren at Kingdom in the Midst. In the series, he has allowed four people who support one or another of the candidates in this year’s presidential race to voice their opinion. The entire series is well worth your attention. I would ask you to remember that (1) the opinions expressed in each article are those of the one making the opinions and do not necessarily represent my opinion. (2) Again, while I am not endorsing any one candidate or other for your support, the people quoted in the articles are, but some of what they have to say may resonate with you (that might be an indicator of where you should place your ballot).

So, in the order that they appeared on Marty’s blog, here are people who will tell you whom they will vote for and why:

Realize that each of these articles may persuade you. They are well-articulated and very persuasive. But it is my desire to give you yet another tool as you prepare to approach the voter’s booth (or not) in November.