“On the seventh day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me . . . seven swans a-swimming . . .”

While I am not really that big into lists (I rarely get around to writing, much less doing, a to-do list), we are in the middle of a listing song. So here is a list: Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in the Scripture (see Romans 12:6-8, and reference 1 Corinthians 12:8-11) –

  1. Prophecy — proclaiming a word from the Lord
  2. Ministry — pointedly going and doing in the name of the Lord
  3. Teaching — exposing and explaining the Word of God
  4. Exhortation — encouraging the proper discipleship of Jesus
  5. Giving — generosity with the blessings the Lord has bestowed, for His sake
  6. Leading — showing the way of righteousness through example, and
  7. Compassion — true care for the needs of those around us.

As Paul listed the gifts of the Spirit, they were not intended to necessarily be an exhaustive list, but exemplary–teaching us that when the Holy Spirit dwells in us, we will be gifted by Him. Exercise your gifts that characterize you as a part of the Kingdom, and do so daily for the glory of God.