“On the fifth day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me . . .  five gold rings . . . ”

Our five golden rings are the first five books of the Bible–the Pentateuch. These books lay the foundational background for the focus of creation and eternity on the Christ.

  1. Genesis is the story  of the beginnings–the beginning of time; the beginning of life; the beginning of man; the beginning of sin; the beginning of God’s people; the beginning of God’s plan.
  2. Exodus shares how God deals with His people–when they are true and when they are not. We learn many truths about God’s love and about His wrath.
  3. Leviticus – God lays down the law. He spells out for us the ways of righteous living. Not so that we can live up to His  standards, but because He knows that we can’t. Our answer is to trust in His plan so that He can complete our deficiency for the glory of God.
  4. Deuteronomy restates the Law (it is the “Second Statement”). God understands that we don’t always get it the first time, and so we need to hear it again (and again and again) sometimes in another package in order to finally believe.
  5. Numbers – the transition from the beginnings to the “rest of the story”. God reminds us that He cares about His creation and His people – to the very last one.