Where Does My Joy Come From?

The Simplest answer to this question is the age-old Sunday school answer: “Jesus!”  As simple as that looks, sounds, and is, it is still the best answer that we have. Joy is an interesting commodity. We all want it—we seek it. If you look around, you will find that people all over are trying to find this simple little thing called joy. Some will call it “happiness” or “contentment” but we are all after joy.

In the search for this Joy, men and women have looked to careers, material possessions, outside stimulants, and even each others. In their search they have found all of these to be empty vessels, and that joy is something that needs to come outside the package marked “self-satisfaction.” The platitude that the church has latched onto in the last several years is “if you want joy—spell it: Jesus, Others, then You.”

Why the songs about joy at Christmas? Why the insistence that joy can be found during this season? It is because with the arrival of Christ on the scene, individuals can begin to understand the joy that has been so elusive for so long. With the Advent of Christ into the hearts of men and women, thoughts of seeking others’ needs before our own plant true Joy in the heart—where it comes from.