The 1960s gave our nation a new look at peace. (Highlighted by sit-ins, love-ins, and the like heralded by this song.) Through the so-called hippie culture that you, your children or someone you know, might be familiar with has faced some of this influence. I am not predisposed to get into the politics of it here, but I am disturbed by a resurgent fascination with the object that has been called a “peace symbol.”

My problem with this icon stems back to the ‘sixties when it made its original appearance in the United States. The symbol itself took a traditional sign of Christianity (the Cross) and stood it on its head, then proceeded to demonstrate further contempt for Christianity by breaking the arms of the cross in defiance of the One who actually provided peace.

It is time for us to stand for peace, not in belligerence, but by living the peace known only through Jesus Christ daily. We must stop holding up two fingers (in a “vee”) and screaming peace—that symbolic gesture was originally coined by Winston Churchill to signify ‘victory’ and is a sign of battle triumph rather than peace on earth—and live our peace with our fellow man by showing the way to peace through faith in Christ instead.

At the risk of being trite and over-using a form of bumper sticker theology. This season, as we consider the message of the Angels – “Glory to God in the highest! And on earth peace, good will toward men!” – let’s ponder this thought:

No Christ, no peace . . . Know Christ, know peace!