Tony Kummer has developed another great idea. He’s the brain-power behind sites like SBC Voices and Devotional Christian. He has now birthed another brain-child called My Christian Blogs. It seems to be another clearinghouse site to feed the need for Christian thought. You’ll find feed from a variety of Christian bloggers such as Tim Challies and Al Mohler, as well as Internet Monk.

Why am I telling you all this? For two reasons: (1) It’s just nice to have another place to find “one stop shopping” when you’re looking for all that’s going on in the world of C’hristian thought. (2) I’m hoping to re-charge my blogging batteries and be a bit more disciplined about posting here. I need to think more, journal more, and converse more with those who can teach me. So check out My Christian Blogs; official “launch” details this summer.