I know that the three of you who visit often are saying, “Has he stopped thinking?” I’ve been distracted by things much more important than keeping up with all my blogs — I’ve still been busy on my personal journal at Loom & Wheel, and have finished several books of the ministry and personal variety posting reviews at Book ’em Benj-O (get your links from the sidebar, I’m being lazy). I’ve been reading Paul Littleton’s excellent series on Church which he started with a four-parter on Authority, and my brain juices have started up again.

 At the risk of sounding like a complainer or even a self-righteous fanatic, and possibly even hypocritical in my views, I’m hoping to fill then next few weeks with a dig into the concept of professional Christianity that seems to be such a booming business these days. I’ll start with some personal statements next week, then begin the microscopic enjoinder after that. Perhaps you’ll be able to help me think through this thing–feel free to comment if you do.

 Get ready to . . . press play!