This week (on Thursday) Americans will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is often disheartening for people when retailers slide right by this less commercial holiday to take advantage of the more mercenary parts of Christmas. As one who really loves Christmas (I could enjoy Christmas trappings all year long) it does sometimes disturb me that we neglect taking time to give thanks even when the nation has set aside a day for that express purpose.


I could almost ignore the fact that major retailers began setting up Christmas displays in August, inundating October with aisles containing Halloween costumes on one side and wreaths and Christmas tree lights. Others have complained that these same retailers are trying to remove Christ from the holiday (note Lowe’s renaming of their Christmas tree section to “Family Trees”). But last week (the second week of November) at one major retailer a bellringer was already busy. This is disturbing. The ringing of bells by charity organizations to solicit donations during Yuletide has become a festive part of the atmosphere for me, but starting early because the retailers do makes the charities seem to be “in it for the money” in much the same way as the retailers themselves. (As an aside gripe, I’m also kind of ticked that my church has been “assigned” a slot for the local bell ringing in another town because we are part of a countywide ministerial organization—we were asked to sign up, and when we had no one step up to this particular endeavor, we were just assigned a time. So much for volunteering.)


And so now to the point: Thanksgiving is a task that we should not overlook. Since this week giving thanks is to be emphasized I did a search on a “Christian Music” site for the words “thank you”. Here’s the result:

 Search results for: thank you The word “you” is in the skip word list, and has been omitted from your search.163 results found containing all search terms.
17 pages of results.

It seems that there is plenty to sing about at thanksgiving time. So give thanks.


16Be joyful always; 17pray continually; 18give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (from I Thessalonians 5 – NIV)