Over the last three months I’ve been touting a new program that seemed like a really good idea – review a book, get another to review. What a great concept. The original idea was to help ministers and ministers-in-training to build their libraries while providing their opinions about the books they received. About a month ago, the review site just stopped updating the site – no new reviews, overviews, or blog entries.

Today, I got the word. The staff at Pastor Resources.com (part of the JCA Company) sent me this in an e-mail: “Pastor Resources has suspended our review programs indefinitely. We apologize for any and all inconveniences and frustrations. We are sincerely sorry. We thank you for your support of the program and one day we hope to reinstate the venture.”

So, I guess what this means is that you’ll just have to look for my unmitigated opinions on reading at Book ‘em Benj-O. Until the time that they are able to start the program up again, you can still click on the link in the side bar to see if anything is worth your while at Pastor Resources.