I just received a review copy of Craig Groeschel’s Chazown. The title is taken from the Hebrew word translated “dream, revelation, or vision.” In reading the first few pages, the author encouraged the reader to interact with the book in order to discover his own personal vision. In order to give a true reading to the book, I’m taking Groeschel’s advice and have logged on to www.chazown.com and down-loaded the accompanying journal. I’m also going to try to respond especially to the “You’re the Author” prompts as well as jot down thoughts that inspire me. Some of those thoughts will make their way here.

            Groeschel introduces the idea of Chazown by indicating that the vision is one that will lead you to living your life in such a way that there is no question of God’s direction there. He uses the example of Joseph who dreams of being elevated into a place of leadership only to be thrown into a pit, into prison, and then finally to realize the dream. It occurred to me to ask the question “Are there people you know who are showing the spirit of vision spoken about in the book?” Below is one answer that struck me from recent days:

            One man who is living and breathing Chazown in his life—before my eyes—is Steve Hunt. Out of nowhere he contacts me with a glimpse of his vision: write a story that points people to Jesus.

            The journey has moved him from asking the question, “What shall I do to glorify God?” to writing a novel that is tastefully filled with the gospel message in the hope to reach some who would never read the Bible with the message of salvation.

            The writing of the book went smoothly as he wrote each evening after work. Then with an impression from the Holy Spirit, he sent the manuscript to only one publisher for consideration. The publisher accepted his submission and now the book is in stores with the second book in the process of editing and a third forming in his mind.

            Steve’s statement to me (on more than one occasion): “I’m not looking to make any money; if one person comes to Christ by this effort, I will be happy.”