[I am revisiting an old topic today, which you may see me do from time to time.] 

            About halfway through Stop Dating the Church Joshua Harris has finished his argument to convince disenchanted, disappointed, and dissatisfied believers of the necessity of membership and calls for commitment. He even describes commitment with simple characteristics. He states that if something is important to you, you want to commit to it. When you decide to commit . . .

1.      You join.

2.      You make the local church a priority.

3.      You try to make your pastor’s job a joy.

4.      You find ways to serve.

5.      You give.

6.      You connect with people.

7.      You share your passion.

Until a Christ-follower has reached a point of commitment that will lead them to this kind of active involvement, I would be concerned about the level of commitment to Christ Himself. I could echo the list by saying that when Christ becomes the priority in your life you: Join Him; make Him a priority; make the lives of fellow believers joyful; find ways to serve; give to Him; connect with people; and share your passion. This includes finding the right church for you and applying the commitment there.

Finding the right church is not based what you can receive from the church. People who look for a church based on the programs offered, the personalities present, and the prestige connected to attendance at that particular church are still driven by the consumer mentality that is a danger to the health of believers and churches everywhere. Instead look for the place where God is directing you to become involved and join. More on finding the right church later.