“Where There Is Faith” – 4 Him


I believe in faithfulness
I believe in giving to myself for someone else
I believe in peace and love
I believe in honesty and trust but it’s not enough
For all that I believe may never change the way it is
Unless I believe Jesus lives

Where there is faith
There is a calling, keep walking
You’re not alone in this world
Where there is faith
There is a peace like a child sleeping
Hope everlasting in He who is able to
Bear every Burden, to heal every hurt in my heart
It is a wonderful, powerful place
Where there is faith

There’s a man across the sea
Never heard the sound of freedom ring
Only in his dreams
There’s a lady dressed in black
In a motorcade of Cadillacs
Daddy’s not coming back
Our hearts begin to fall
And our stability grows weak
But Jesus meets our needs if only we believe


I’ve been reading a lot about apologetics lately. I must admit I am a poor hand at the practice. What I have noticed is that there is a great deal of emphasis placed on science, the scientific method, and proof. What seems to be lacking is faith. The writer of Hebrews put it this way: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (NIV)


As Christ-followers we claim to be a people of faith. If indeed we are a people of faith, then why do we leave faith completely out of the equation when we defend our Faith? This element, this resting on that which is beyond logic and understanding has more power than proofs and statistics and logic. These things are not bad, but they pale tremendously in comparison to faith.


Explaining faith is akin to explaining true love. I was single for thirty-five years before I even met my blushing bride. I often asked my friends who were getting married the single man’s most pressing question: “How do you know when you’ve found the right one?” The answer invariably left me cold and unfulfilled: “You just know.” When I met Hannah, I understood. Faith is like that. How do you know when you really have it? You just know. No amount of logic, arguing or reasoning will change it.


How then do we reach those who must be convinced? Live Jesus before their eyes. Argument will not win them, it will only drive them farther away. What convinces men of their need for Jesus is when they see Jesus in those who bear his name.


For now, I’ll live for Jesus and leave the debates and apologetics to men of more analytical bent than me.