This week I will be preaching a sermon entitled REvisit your Salvation as part of the “REasons for Living” series. In it I encourage followers of Christ to remember the first time that they said yes to Jesus. With this in mind, here’s the short version of my story:


I grew up in the home of a Southern Baptist preacher. I like to say that I was in church nine months before I was born. I’ve always loved church and being in church whenever I can. But
Cason, Texas, and a little church located there have a special significance for me. It was in a spring revival, on the last night (a Sunday) of the meeting that the Lord drew me closer to Him than ever I had been before. As a six-year-old boy, my mother noticed that I was more thoughtful, more attentive, more . . . I don’t know what. And when the invitation was offered, I walked the length of the pew I was on to the center aisle and then all of 5 feet (we were on the second pew) to get my father to introduce me to my Father.


If you know Jesus you have a story. Let me encourage you to tell it this week. Tell it once, tell it twice, then tell it once again. Someone wants to hear. My friend and former colleague Ed Tarleton likes to say, “You have a story, and someone will listen to you.”