Play – to pretend to be. 

And now we reach the apex of the journey we’ve been on this week. Here is where most people who claim to be believers leave their mark. We pretend to be church. There is nothing real about our actions. We have become plastic.


Shall we continue to be the play church, continue to play at church? Shall we continue to be the pretend church? For many believers, we are comfortable at this level. However, Jesus intended for us not to be pretend nor to pretend to be. He expects of us a reality.


I think that’s what the world expects as well. More than a number of times, people have indicated that they won’t attend this church or that church because the people who do attend there are hypocrites. Not defending their argument (which is invalid by the way), I do see their point. If we desire to see a world come to Jesus in a real way, then we must be real in our representation of Him—in our worship, in our work, and in our ways.


Stop Playing! Be Real! Be the Church!