Play – to take part in a game or sport; participating in amusement. 

It is a tragedy that we have come to regard our Christian life, our faith, our Kingdom citizenship in just this way. We play at it. It becomes just another game or amusement to us. I know people who love Jesus, love the church, in much the same way that they love softball or baseball or football. Often the commitment to Christ is lower on the list of priorities than game day or game night. Kingdom living is nothing more than another choice from the cafeteria of items.


With the understanding that as a minister, I’m expected to hold to the idea that Christ comes first, I have come to the conclusion that my relationship with Christ is really more important even than my need for food, shelter or clothing. A pivotal verse for those who strive to live kingdom lives is this:


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33)

Idealistic or not, it is Christ’s desire that we focus on Him and Kingdom living. He then indicates that He will take care of the rest. Does this mean church attendance? Not necessarily, though I think that it is included. Kingdom activity takes precedent over personal pleasure, civic duty, or home life. If I will concentrate on the kingdom of God first, He will add all these things (and more). His kingdom first in my life is complemented by my kingdom being well-cared for.