Playa performance on stage of a drama for the sake of entertainment.


Why then do we “play” at church? But we do. We put on the face of belief, we choreograph a super show, and present it for the audience.


Ministers and preachers spend hours and even days (sometimes weeks and months) preparing, rehearsing, and developing the show that will bring in the biggest audience. The audience responds by attending, participating when asked, and finally applauding the performance. Then everyone files out, and puts church out of their minds until next week when they decide to go enjoy another show.


Church members don their Sunday best, argue, bicker, and scream at one another all the way to the church house, then paste on plastic smiles and put on the performance of their life as they take their place in the pew. The whole is orchestrated in order for everyone who wants to be seen in service for God can be seen, and the play goes on. On rare occasions, the church staff conducts a post-production meeting to take “notes” on the performance and address adjustments to make the next performance better. (This is called the “staff meeting.”)


I say that we ought to be about creating a performance, but not in an attempt to impress the people around us. Instead, our audience is to be the One who sees the heart, changes the mind, and gives life to the lifeless. We perform not to entertain this audience of one, but as a response to His wooing the church, his bride. It is a token of our love for Christ. Can we not stop performing and start responding? Let us throw off the false face—the hypocrite—of the stage, and don the robes of righteous response.