Periodically I have to have my wheels realigned. Whenever I re-tire the car (put new tires on), I have them balanced to help protect my alignment. People who live in country settings understand that there are rough roads to travel in order to do what needs to be done. Too much time spent on these roads—even for careful drivers—results in a need to have the wheels realigned. They just naturally shift occasionally in the normal operation of the vehicle.


Our lives are like this. We adjust our alignment with Jesus Christ, and then we go on about the activity of living. We periodically need to have an adjustment made simply because we’ve been about the business of living and that has bumps and jolts that knock our lives out of whack. One of the great things about church is that it provides a place for general maintenance on our hearts to keep them fairly aligned with Christ. Occasionally, though, something happens to shake us up, to really bump us—perhaps it is a sudden and tragic death, or a major betrayal. During those times we must participate in a full realignment with Christ. He is there, waiting to perform the adjustments that are needed.


But beware. At times the everyday living that we do, if we don’t come to Jesus for regular service, will destroy our alignment so much that we need a major overhaul.