Living as a citizen of the Kingdom of God—as Christ-followers are called to do—requires a certain amount of radical action on the part of the believer. We are expected to show mercy in times where we feel justified in meeting out revenge. We are led to offer an example of purity in faith that supercedes the norm of life as we know it. We are called to obtain blessing from God by being a blessing to others. Note this thought from Ken Hemphill:

But perhaps the biggest thing that causes us to pull back from going all the way into kingdom living is this: the world cannot ignore us if we do. If we commit ourselves to the kingdom, people may love us, but they also may hate us. If the example of Jesus is any indication—and it is!—the world’s response to us will often be scorn, sarcasm, and stinging insult.


With this in mind, it is our calling—our required action, even our obligation—to reconcile all of our relationships. As believers, we are to first reconcile our own lives to God. We do this through a growing, personal relationship with Christ. Then, we must reconcile our relationships with others—even those with whom we disagree. It is through this reconciliation that people are able to see our example—Jesus Christ—shining in our lives.


If we claim to be believers, Christians, Christ-followers (choose your label) we are to be kingdom citizens. If we are to be kingdom citizens, we must be about reconciliation!