An ice-cold glass of tea (sweetened for those southerners reading), a cool shower on a spring day, a breeze in the shade of a majestic oak tree, they’re all refreshing. At times I wish for that cool breeze to wander through my spirit and refresh my faith, don’t you?


What makes these things refreshing is the thirst, the heat, the weariness that they replace. When our faith needs refreshing it is because we have become complacent and uncaring for whatever reason. In those times we need the Spirit of the living God to breathe the cool refreshing into us. When He does we experience the fresh washing after long toil among the spirit-less and dispirited around us. The refreshing is one that may not remove our fatigue, it may not even pick up our minds—but it invigorates our inner selves. We are now courageous enough to face another day, to die another way for our friends, our family, and dare I say, our enemies. This refreshing draws us closer to Christ . . . where we want to be anyway.


Are your refreshed today? Wanna be?

What refreshes you? What refreshes your faith?