A new battle seems to be raging. This one is for the mind and soul of Americans. At the forefront of the battle are outspoken atheists and Christian leaders alike. See a report of a meeting between author/pastor Rick Warren and author/atheist Sam Harris at Newsweek. I got a good look at the article at City on a Hill. The interview/debate showed the two to disagree civilly. Stereotypes notwithstanding, it was nice to see Faith well represented.


Which begs the question—how do we react when we feel our faith being challenged? The best witness that we can have is not necessarily an argument, but a discussion would work well. We can defend our faith without belittling and shouting down our opponent. We are, after all, a people of grace. Since we have been shown such grace, ought we not also to show grace to those around us—even those with whom we disagree? It is important for Kingdom building (the work about which we are) that we not accept people’s views which are erroneous, but instead love the people with the understanding that Christ died for all—those who accept and those who do not.


It is with this in mind that the people at The Way of the Master (Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron) are planning on meeting with a group of atheists who have been filmed openly speaking against God and encouraging others to do the same. The debate is scheduled to happen in
New York if all details can be worked out.


The battle is not one of God vs. no God. Nor is it a debate over the existence of one God, many gods, or no gods at all. It is a battle over faith—faith in God or faith in not God; faith in something or faith in the idea that there is nothing. It is a battle that we all must be aware of and ready for.


The war rages on . . .