I love the smell of a new car. After three weeks you can’t get it back. Sure manufacturers are developing sprays that imitate it, but it just isn’t the same. There’s nothing like the feel of new shoes or a new suit. Not just any old shoes or suits, mind you. These are the clothes that have been cobbled and tailored for one person—you. Don’t you just love the feeling of “new.”


That’s the feeling that washes over you the first time that you meet Christ. Realizing that you are old and worn-out, lacking in luster because of the sin in your life. Then the Holy Spirit moves in your life to share with you the message of Jesus and how he made the payment for you. By faith you accept the payment in your behalf. Then it happens . . . NEW! The feeling of brand new sheets on the bed covers you inside and out. New. Then it fades. It wanes. It goes away. Does it just disappear like the new car smell?


Good news. The new can return. It comes in the form of renewal. Renewal is what happens when old, worn-out believers renew their commitment to Christ. That wash of new attacks again in intensified measure because it’s not really new, but it is new all over again. Now is the time for new—newness of new life, or the renewed newness of renewal.


Have you experienced newness? Tell me about it, I’d love to hear.

How about renewal? Have you encountered a new freshness in your faith? Leave a note so I can rejoice with you.